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TinkerToys® Plastic or Wooden Building Sets

Tinkertoy Transit Building Set       Tinker Toys® have been around for a very long time. They are a unique style of building block in that the consists of a variety of differently shaped wooden blocks and wooden dowels but now are mostly made of durable plastic. They are essential in developing many of the necessary skills like course and fine motor skills, spatial relationships, measuring, planning and so much more. Tinker Toys® can bring the whole family together in pure wholesome fun.

There are holes on all sides of the blocks to allow the insertion of the dowel. This seemingly simple toy allows the child to build three dimensional structures that are only limited by their imagination and creativity.

As always we have a video review at the bottom of the page for one of the sets in each category. We try to get videos by kids for kids but if not we do monitor the videos to make sure they are presentable.

CAUTION: Please match the age of the user to the age that is recommended by manufacturer. Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

We have a special video from a 9yr old boy. This is why we do this. Imagination in a child only compounds when they are older. Building a phonograph from Lego and Tinker Toys. ENJOY!



Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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