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Mega Bloks® World of Warcraft® Building Sets


Mega Bloks® World of Warcraft® building set is based on the wildly popular game World of Warcraft®, which has been around since 2004. This game features wars between various hordes of creatures and their allies. These allies are often creatures of different types and species. There are ogres and goblins and dragons and attack turtles just to name a few. Each creature is beautifully rendered in the game and faithfully re-created in these sets.

There are many different sets each representing members of the various clans, their mounts and accessories. The more sets you collect the more accurately you can represent the complexity of the battles seen in the game.

Your child can re-create the battles and scenes of the game or use their imagination and creativity to explore new worlds and combinations of creatures and interactions. Many hours of fun await the child who receives these sets.

CAUTION: Please match the age of the user to the age that is recommended by manufacturer. Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Here is a video review from BrickBoxTV on Mega Bloks® World of Warcraft® Demolisher Attack Set 91026 Review. ENJOY!

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