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Mega Bloks® Call of Duty® Building Sets


 Mega Bloks® Call of Duty® sets were inspired by the wildly popular Call of Duty® video game franchise, which contains many different military scenarios. Each set depicts a particular scenario as seen in the videogame. However, the child is free to use their imagination in the placement of figures, shelters, vehicles and accessories.

Each set contains all the components necessary to build that particular scene. There are many land, sea and air vehicles, posable figurines and accessories. There are also many additional accessories available to build out whatever scene you choose. Sets are compatible and can therefore be used to build out even larger scenarios.

Children learn to follow instructions in building the base units, but they are only limited by their imagination and creativity when playing with these sets.

CAUTION: Please match the age of the user to the age that is recommended by manufacturer. Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Once again we bring Jangbricks to you for his Mega Bloks® Call of Duty 6859 Signature Series Hovercraft review! ENJOY!

Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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