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LEGO® Duplo

LEGO® Duplo is the ideal first building block toy set. LEGO Education DUPLO Brick Set 4496357 (144 Pieces) These sets are especially made for children 16 months to 5 years old.

The large size of the blocks allow small hands to grasp and manipulate them with ease and confidence. The bright colors and different shapes help the child learn about the world around them and to recognize patterns, groups and how things go together.

 LEGO DUPLO Creative Cars 10552 LEGO DUPLO My First Circus 10504     These sets not only help the child learn about their environment but will keep them occupied and happy for many hours. Any child would be thrilled to receive one of the sets.

As always we have a video review at the bottom of the page for one of the sets in each category. We try to get videos by kids for kids but if not we do monitor the videos to make sure they are presentable.

CAUTION: Please match the age of the user to the age that is recommended by manufacturer. Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Since Duplo is for smaller children ages 2-5, it is difficult to find a review done by a child...but this one is done by a dad and his son.  This review is for two sets; the train and their track accessories-LEGO® Duplo #10507 My First Train Set and #10506 Accessory Set Track Sysytem  ENJOY!

Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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