Fun for the Whole Family.  Unlock your Creativity and Imagination through building blocks of all types and for all ages.

Lego Classics

Why are blocks so important to Kids

LEGO  Classic sets for young and old.      There are many reasons to buy building blocks for your children. To begin with,  our child has a need to learn and blocks help to satisfy that basic instinct. If you watch long enough you'll notice that children will play with anything. They will stack random things like boxes, pots, pans, bowls, and anything that they can get their little hands around. This can often lead to disasters.

Here is where your child's imagination will unfold. Give them a pile of colorful blocks and watch them create magical stories. 

  • Each set includes: classic LEGO bricks, a mix of special pieces and ideas, to help get started.  
  • Everything from people, animals, building and vehicles are all possible.
  • Watch how your chid developes thier creative building skills.

The added bonus is that Lego Classics are the threshold for fun for the whole family.  The projects and themes get more difficult to challenge them as they grow for generation to come.

Here is a video review from a newcomer Nonsense TheMerrier that has awesome step by step videos for your children to enjoy. Hope you will agree! Step-by-step: How to build a Lego Tiger - Lego Classic 10696. ENJOY! 

Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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