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LEGO® Batman & Super heroes

LEGO® Superheroes sets bring the adventures of all of your favorite Superheroes including Superman, Batman and Robin as well as Ironman, The Flash, Captain America the Hulk and many more. But what a world of Superheroes be without Super villains to cause them problems? So, there are a full complement for 'bad guys' to make playtime even more fun and adventurous.

As always we have a video review at the bottom of the page for one of the sets in each category. We try to get videos by kids for kids but if not we do monitor the videos to make sure they are presentable.

CAUTION: Please match the age of the user to the age that is recommended by manufacturer. Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

Hint: ages are also shown on the front of each box.

The BrickShow does a great job of reviewing LEGO® #76005 SuperHeroes Spider-Man Daily Bugle Showdown   

Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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