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LEGO® 2016 Star Wars, Rogue One New Building Sets

Here is a preview: Star Wars: Rogue One Official Teaser #2



Imperial Assault Hovertank™   LEGO Star Wars First Eclipse Fighter  Item # 75145

Here you will find not only the 2016 Lego releases for Star Wars in anticipation for the movie, Rogue Ones but a lot of the famous classics that never grow old.  Your child will have many hours of imaginative and creative fun building the sets.

As always these sets are compatible with other LEGO® sets so that sets can be mixed and matched to create new and imaginative seems and scenarios.

As always, we have a video review for the category. Meet the guys at the Brick Show video review of LEGO Star Wars Rogue One the Imperial Assault Hovertank review Item # 751523 by Janbricks. ENJOY!


Until we meet again... Barb & Walt

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