Why Buy Building Blocks For Your Children

Why are blocks so important to Kids

LEGO Classic sets for young and old.
LEGO Classic sets for young and old.

There are many reasons to buy building blocks for your children. To begin with,  our child has a need to learn and blocks help to satisfy that basic instinct. If you watch long enough you’ll

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notice that children will play with anything. They will stack random things like boxes, pots, pans, bowls, and anything that they can get their little hands around. This can often lead to disasters.

The humble building block helps channels that potentially destructive instinct to a more positive exercise. With the blocks, a child can learn so many things without the direct supervision of adults. However, it is a tremendous experience to both of you if you can set aside playtime with your kids and be amazed at how creative and imaginative they really are.

Benefits to using blocks

Blocks can be instrumental in:

  • teaching children spatial reasoning, Geometry, vocabulary, hand to eye coordination, imagination and creativity just to name a few.
  • When playing in this way the child learns to grasp different things, and to compare sizes, shapes and colors.
  • As the child experiments, they naturally engage in the scientific method which is also known as trial and error. While becoming more familiar with various shapes, colors, and sizes they begin to better understand the world around them.
  • They learn about organization, measurement and even gravity.
  • Playing with blocks also helps the development of vocabulary because the child will naturally want to tell you what they are making or have made.
  • Social skills also improve as children learn to share and cooperate.



Furthermore, in the article,  “Playing with Building Blocks of Creativity Help Children with Autism” by  Deborah A. Napolitano, Ph.D., BCBA-D., it is stated that: “The study’s findings could pave the way for new studies testing interventions that attempt to improve a wide variety of social skills and behaviors among people with ASD,” said Napolitano. “With positive reinforcement and teaching sessions, such tasks as engaging in novel conversations, posing new questions and creating new ways to play could be within reach for children with ASD.” This study was done entirely with LEGOs building block toys. These Findings, not only offer hope to parents of children with Autism but points the way for all parents to help their children learn and succeed in life.

So, if you buy just one toy this year, make it a building block toy. It should be age appropriate but the choices are endless. They range from simple wooden blocks (Tinkertoy, KEVA Planks), and Lincoln Log, or Lego Classic or Lego Education series  to specialized block sets  up to 5000 plus piece specialized block sets to simple electronics (Technic) and robotic (Mindstorm) toys.

They are also finding a home in theme based sets of movies and games such as Disney’s  Frozen, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings , and video games like Minecraft.

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