LEGO® Duplo vs Juniors Block Sets Review

toddler playing with building blocksWe will now do a series of reviews within LEGO®  building blocks for kids. Starting based on age groups  LEGO® Duplo and LEGO® Juniors building blocks for kids will be the first one.

The Duplo Block set:

These sets are designed for smaller children with less developed hand to eye coordination and less grip strength (ages 6 months to 3 years). LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building ToyHere is where parents start opening the possibilities to our children about creativity and imagination.  We have watched not only our children but our grandchildren explore the colors and shapes, throw them, eat them and try and mimic us as we stack them.


Since the sets are for babies the sets contain:

  • much larger blocks than the usual LEGO®  blocks, which are more suitable for smaller hands and to reduce the danger of a choking hazard.
  • All of the blocks are brightly colored to help keep the child’s interest and some are inscribed with numbers to aid in learning numbers and counting.
  • Some sets contain minifigures of boys, girls, police, circus animals, farm animals and a host of whimsical creatures.
  • All of your child’s favorite characters from Disney® movies are included in the various sets.

Check out this video for a detailed review of the new 2015 LEGO® Duplo Sofia’s Royal Castle Disney Princess Sofia the First 10595 Castillo Real Princesse Amber

All in all, the LEGO® Duplo sets offer a great choice for your child’s first building experience, teaching them about the outside world while keeping them safe at home.

LEGO® Juniors Building Sets:

LEGO® Juniors building block sets are the gateway sets to the wider LEGO® world. These are also targeted at younger children (ages 4 to 7 years) both boys and girls.                                                                                       LEGO Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend the Bat Cave                   

Features and Differences from the Duplo  block set:

  • This is the first series to the LEGO® world of building blocks
  • The blocks, mini-figures and other parts in Juniors sets are the same size as in the sets designed for older children.
  • The focus on these sets introduce the child to the Lego product and give them the necessary skills to play with the more complex sets in the future. All of this is accomplished through play.
  • The Junior sets come with very detailed instructions with lots of images so that the child will see each assembly step required.

Eventually the child will become confident with his or her skills and begin to tackle more complex sets and free their imagination and creativity.

Now check out this video for LEGO® Juniors Construction Set # 10667 to see what we mean:


While both these sets are designed with younger children in mind and have different target age groups they serve the same purpose.

That purpose is to familiarize the child with the LEGO® system of building block toys, while providing the best play experience possible and give them a means to be creative.

until we meet again…

Barb & Walt

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