Welcome to Best Building Blocks for Kids Blog

Welcome to BBB for Kids

Our Posts  will not only complement our super store opening soon but will be a combination of some history about building blocks, how they have changed through the generation from simple wooden items to the sophisticated ones of today; like in the  Mindstorm and Lego Technic . They are also finding a home in theme based sets of movies and games such as Disney’s  Frozen, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings , and video games like Minecraft.

We will also discuss how these simple toys have been used not only for play but in education for the young and as a rehabilitative tool for all ages.


And of course, doing reviews on the latest building sets and comparing them with others as for quality and interest.

As always…unlock  your child’s creativity and imagination in something the whole family can enjoy for generations.

We welcome you to join our quarterly newsletter and mailing list for updates to our posts and new items we have found. Of course, we welcome new topics of interest, comments or if you have found something you would like us to speak about in the next newsletter.

until we meet again…
Barb & Walt

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